New perspectives. Sustainability + ecology

Calls for bids visual Migros Culture Percentage

The Migros Culture Percentage uses invitations for proposals to add impulses and trendsetting accents to the Swiss cultural landscape.

If it was not clear before, the world climate report from the IPCC concludes one thing – the way in which live and do business today is not sustainable. Every year, our resource consumption increases and we add more strain to our planet.

With this invitation for proposals, the Migros Culture Percentage invites professional creative artists in Switzerland to consider the divergent aspects of resource-compatible culture. The Migros Culture Percentage is seeking projects and project ideas from creative artists who want to actively participate in the ecological transformation and to create and test new, sustainable ways of working and producing. 

Support will be given to cultural projects in the fields of the visual arts, comics, digital culture, film, jazz, classical music, cabaret, literature, pop, dance and theatre, as well as to interdisciplinary projects.  

Projects must consider the topic of the invitation for proposals both in terms of their content and concept as well as in their implementation.

Sustainability means

A future-proof society guarantees a good life for all, without exploitation of the planet or of future generations.


  • Pre-application submissions can be made using the online application portal from 6 September to 4 October 2021, 12.00 hrs. 
  • Following a review, the main application will be opened on 14 October 2021 and submissions will be accepted until 11 November 2021 (application submission closes at 12.00 hrs). 
  • In the event of a positive assessment by the jury, invitations to deliver a presentation before the jury will be sent out on 25 November 2021. Presentations before the jury will take place on 8 December 2021. 



Projects, networks and platforms by institutions and freelance creative artists that consider sustainability in the cultural sector and that are planned and produced in a way that preserves resources, imparts usable knowledge and experience on the topics of sustainability and ecology and/or brings together different actors.

Projects that explore the visionary and test new and sustainable formats for events. 

The Migros Culture Percentage funds project development and implementation (labour and materials expenses for implementation of the project).

This explicitly includes efforts for inclusive processes and structures within the framework of sustainable development.

Operating costs and investments in infrastructure that are unrelated to the project will not receive funding.

In the case of institutions, the project submitted will be an acknowledged special project, be outside of the institution’s performance mandates and not already be funded by subsidy contributions.

Application submission will take part in two stages: the first stage will be a brief preliminary application, followed by a main application after approval.

The preliminary application will include a brief summary of the vision, motivation and considerations of the creation process and what the project hopes to achieve. Questions relating to the preliminary application must be answered in the application form and no dossier will be required. Documents that we have not requested will not be reviewed. Key factors in the assessment will be unique character, degree of reflection and innovation and the cultural quality of the project.

A introduction to the project and to the project team

What is the content of the project? 

What are the goals? What effects do you hope to achieve with the project? 

Which aspects of sustainable cultural work and production will receive particular attention? 

Who is part of the project team? 


What are the stages of the project and by when will it be implemented? When will the project end?

Budget and financial plan

What project expenses will be incurred and what income will be used to cover them (own funds, third-party funds, subsidy contribution from the Migros Culture Percentage)? 

The main application will include a detailed overview of the points listed above, including a dossier of no more than eight pages.


Questions about application submission or about the invitiation for proposals can be sent to: foerderbeitraege@mgb.ch