New perspectives. Audiences after the pandemic

Calls for bids visual Migros Culture Percentage

The pandemic repeatedly imposed severe restrictions on the creative sector - and even temporarily shut it down completely. The Swiss Federal Government encouraged people to remain at home, digital formats experienced a boom, and culture enthusiasts had to find other sources of entertainment.

Now that the measures have been eased, the question is how the pandemic has changed people's habits. Surveys of audiences in Switzerland and abroad have found fundamental shifts in cultural consumerism. What does the future hold? Will the observed changes remain? Will audiences still be able, or afford to visit cultural institutions to the accustomed extent? Will they even want to? Furthermore, has the pandemic had a lasting impact on the relevance of certain formats or forms of culture for audiences and our society? Much suggests that the cards have been reshuffled.

This call for tenders is an invitation from the Migros Culture Percentage to professional creative artists in Switzerland to engage with their audience. We are looking for exemplary projects and project ideas from independent creative artists, collectives and smaller cultural institutions that are seeking a dialogue with their audiences. This includes attracting audiences (back), activating the community, and presentation formats that put the audience center stage.

Support will be available for cultural projects in the fields of fine art, comics, digital culture, film, jazz, classical music, cabaret, literature, pop, dance and theater, as well as cross-sectoral undertakings.

Projects should address the topic of the call for tenders in terms of their concept, content and implementation.


  • The submission of bids will be possible via the online tender portal from midday on March 28, 2022. Submissions will be accepted until 17:00 on April 28, 2022.
  • Once the jury has reviewed bids, it will send out invitations for presentations on June 9.
  • These presentations to the jury will be made on June 22 & 23, 2022.



Projects and product ideas that focus on audiences: This includes attracting audiences (back), activating the  community, new ways of addressing audiences, and new presentation formats.

The Migros Culture Percentage will finance the development and implementation of the project (development  effort and the actual cost of implementing the project).

This explicitly includes the cost of inclusive processes and structures in order to ensure sustainable  development.

Operational costs and major public institutions will not qualify for support. Smaller institutions that receive subsidies may submit bids. However, submitted projects must not be part of a subsidy agreement.

Bids must include the vision, motivation, considerations of the creative process, as well as what the project will aim to achieve. The jury's decision will depend mainly on its assessment of the uniqueness, the level of reflection and of innovativeness, and the cultural quality of each project.

1. A presentation of the project and project team: Who are the members of the project team? What is their vision and motivation? (1 page max.)

2. Project description: Please describe your project idea. (6 pages max.)

- Project description

- The goals and methods of the project: What (effective) goals have been set? Which target groups does it   address? What measures and methods will activate audiences?

- Project development: Using a time schedule, sketch out the steps in which the project is to be realized, and  how the project's goals can be met.

3. Time schedule: Which steps will be taken to implement the project - and by when? When will the project end? (1 page max.)

4. Budget and funding plan: Which project expenses will arise, and what revenues (own funds, third-party funds and a required grant from the Migros Culture Percentage) will cover these?


Questions about application submission or about the invitiation for proposals can be sent to: foerderbeitraege@mgb.ch