Let’s play: cultural formats for the next generation

Calls for bids visual Migros Culture Percentage

The Migros Culture Percentage helps to inspire young audiences! With the «Let’s play» call for bids, we are looking for projects that meet the young audience at eye level; projects that are geared to the needs of children and young people both in the development phase and in implementation; projects in which content and formats are created jointly and in participation with young people. After all, today’s young audience is the audience that will also be interested in diverse cultural programmes tomorrow.

Preference will be given to new projects and content that tell the realities of children’s and young people’s lives in their own language and deal specifically with current, socially relevant issues such as diversity, inclusion, climate and AI. 

Do you have a project like this that deals in depth with the young audience of today? Does the project have trans-regional or even national reach?

Support will be available for cultural projects in the fields of fine art, comics, digital culture, film, jazz, classical music, cabaret, literature, pop, dance and theatre, as well as for cross-sectoral undertakings. Preference is given to projects from the independent scene and outside existing institutions.


  • Applications can be submitted via the online portal starting on 11 April 2023, 12 noon. Submissions will be accepted until 15 May 2023, 5.00 p.m.
  • The committee will meet on 21 June 2023.


Support criteria

Projects and project ideas with a focus on young audiences (children and young people aged 4–18): 

Projects with a cross-regional reach or with venues in at least three different cantons (in Ticino: three different venues)

Projects that actively involve their young target group in the process of project development and implementation in an innovative way

The Migros Culture Percentage will finance the development and implementation of the project (development effort and the actual cost of implementing the project).

Operational costs and major public institutions will not qualify for support. Small institutions that receive subsidies may submit bids. However, submitted projects must not be part of a subsidy agreement.

-    Existing, traditional educational projects of both the independent scene and subsidised institutions or festivals
-    Projects already funded by the Migros Culture Percentage
-    The establishment of new institutions or enterprises
-    Deficits of previous events / existing institutions

The application includes the goal, motivation and considerations of the creation process and it expresses what the project aims to achieve. The jury’s decision will depend mainly on its assessment of the uniqueness, the level of reflection and innovativeness, and the cultural quality of each project.

1. Presentation of the project, the project team and the partner institutions
Who is on the project team? What is the vision and motivation? (1 page max.)

2. Project description: please describe your project idea (6 pages max.)
– The goals and methods of the project: what (effective) goals have been set? – Which target groups does it address? 
– Which measures and methods are used to involve the target groups early on, in the creation process, and how is the audience engaged? 
– What is the diverse, participatory or inclusive content? What is the area of focus? 
– Which professionals do you cooperate with in terms of diversity, inclusion and participation?

3. Schedule
– Project development: using a schedule, sketch out the steps in which the project will be realised, and how the project’s goals can be met.
– Status of the project: has the project already started or what stage is it at? When will the project end? (1 page max.)

4. Budget and funding plan
 Which project expenses will arise, and what revenues (own funds, third-party funds and a required grant from the Migros Culture Percentage) will cover these?



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