Enquiries about contributions and small donations

Lichtprojektion auf der Fassade des Bundeshauses

Are you looking for support for your project in Migros Aare’s market area? You will find all the important information here.

General guidelines

- Applications may be submitted at any time. We aim to process them within four weeks. Requests regarding cultural ventures may take up to eight weeks to process. 

- They are assessed by Culture Percentage employees and possibly also by outside experts where necessary. Decisions are not commented on and are final.

- Applicants will generally not be reconsidered every year.

- Applicants will be considered no more than once a year. 

- The Culture Percentage provides support in a wide variety of ways. For applications from the areas of leisure, sport and social affairs, this generally takes the form of Migros gift cards that can be redeemed like cash in all Migros supermarkets, specialist stores, M restaurants and other M outlets. 

- Applications for the arts & culture and economic policy are generally supported through a cash donation. We do not make material donations e.g. of items from the Migros range.

- Applications should be submitted in German or French.

- Applications may only be submitted electronically.

- Please use the following application form.

- The areas of lyrics, literature, comics and film 

- Top-class sport, elite sport 

- Publications, printed and online 

- Building and infrastructure projects 

- Running costs, the running of institutions 

- The running of state and private schools 

- Private individuals or initiatives of private individuals 

- School projects 

- International projects 

- Benefit events 

- Purely mediation projects 

- Annual fees and memberships 

- Purely commercial events and projects 

- Specific funding of ventures in the area of «education», because the Migros Culture Percentage is involved in «education for all» via the Migros Club School.

Important notice regarding applications for contributions for the production of sound recording media

At present, it is no longer possible to submit applications for contributions towards sound recording productions. Our budget for 2023 has been exhausted. Channels will reopen for 2024 applications from Autumn. We will update you on this in due course.

Applications can be submitted in German and French.

Contact form

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Contacts in the area of funding

Any questions about funding at Migros Aare? Get in touch with the right contact.