Tandem at the Museum: making up a story together at the museum

Zwei Personen betrachten eine Installation im Museum

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TaM – Tandem at the Museum opens the doors to almost 100 Swiss museums and introduces you to new people. There are 170 TaM guides throughout Switzerland ready to accompany you on a visit to one of the TaM museums. The TaM guides are not museum guides in the conventional sense. After all, a TaM visit is all about you and the encounter in the museum: together with the TaM guide, you pick a favourite object and make up a story about it together.  

Over 1,500 personal museum experiences 

There are already over 1,500 such co-invented stories in the «Musée imaginaire» on the TaM website (in German). They reflect personal experiences in museums. You too can contribute to Switzerland’s largest collection of museum stories with TaM.

Photo/stage: © Thomas Kern


Around 100 TaM museums across Switzerland

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Tandem at the Museum is possible at any time in one of the TaM museums.

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