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Sprechende Frau mit Laptop in einer Gruppe

January to December 2022


Migros Club School: 50 centres throughout Switzerland

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What's your next move? Are you eyeing up a management position, thinking of breaking into marketing or wanting to master an additional programming language? Or would you like your PC to understand you better? Develop your skills together with others who have ambitions - and career opportunities will follow.

Reach for the stars

Whether you want to become a network pro, are aiming for a commercial qualification or are fascinated by desktop publishing - experienced and committed experts will carefully get you ready to sit Swiss and international exams.


Lächelnder junger Mann mit Brille sitzt in einer Klasse
Junges Paar schaut in einen Laptop
Lächelnde Frau im Gespräch
Lächelnde Frau mit Kugelschreiber in einem Kurs
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Business-Kampagne der Klubschule Migros


Migros Club School: 50 centres throughout Switzerland