Rafaële Giovanola und Morgane Stephan

Portrait der Mentorin

Foto: Joerg Letz

Rafaële Giovanola: Swiss, born in U.S.A., danced in different companies such as the Frankfurt Ballet by William Forsythe. In 2000 she founded CocoonDance. Since its founding, she produced fifty full-length evenings that have toured through five continents and been invited to showcase festivals in Germany and Switzerland such as the Danceplattform Germany: 2018/2020, STEPS: 2022 ANTIGEL: 2020/2022. TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND in 2018 and 2020 or STEPS in 2022 and ANTIGEL Since 2010 she is working in Switzerland at the Théâtre du Crochetan where she is artiste associée since 2020. Lately the commissioned production SPHYNX with tanzmainz has been nominated for the FAUST 2022. Since 2016 she elaborated a working method strongly focused on improvisation and reflection on the body itself. And create together with her ensemble the MoveApp. The search of the «unthrough body» led Rafaële Giovanola and her ensemble to an expanded understanding of the body and movement. The work can best be explained as a reflection about the dance and the body itself, as a shift of the dance space away from the narrative space into a space of distance and thinking.

Selfie von Morgane Stephan

Foto: Morgane Stephan

Morgane Stephan (*1992, place of origin: Poissy (FR), place of residence : Lausanne (CH) On completing her history of art studies at the Sorbonne, Morgane attended the RIDC (a school of contemporary dance) in Paris from 2013 to 2016. She subsequently joined the MARCHEPIED in Lausanne (CH) before going to Lisbon on placement to work on the creation A meio da noite by Olga Roriz (PT). In 2020, she was selected for the les Quarts d’heure festival at Théâtre Sévelin 36, Lausanne with an initial solo «ESQUIS». From 2021–22, she worked for Hors Surface on the creation «ENTRE DEUX MONDES» combining contemporary dance with circus/trampoline. In 2022, she participated in a research cycle with Yasmine Hugonnet and at the platform BRÜCKEREI–Zurich, under the tutelage of Alain Platel of C de la B (BL) ballet. In January 2023, she presented a new solo on skates «says the phoenix» at Chorégraphiques#8 in Vevey.


This mentoring has two aims: both in the studio – as a space for research/living and reinventing movement – and at the level of questions regarding the substance of the body on roller skates, seeking to access the palpable state of a creature emerging. This project is an opportunity to share ideas relating to dramaturgy, composition and additional support material for the proposal.
We will focus our work on practical matters: «sliding» on the objects attached to the ankles in fairly restricted areas and places of very creative impossibility. Finally, we are curious to see the reactions of the body in action, a strange kind of physicality. Some questions occur to us: 
-How can the body be remote controlled while sliding? 
-What unidentifiable myth will emerge? 
-How can this creature write itself into this present time?  

Final paper

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