Migros Zurich and its cultural commitment

Tänzer*innen auf einer Bühne

The Culture Percentage of Migros Cooperative Zurich supports many different projects in the area it covers.

Migros Zurich promotes meaningful lifestyles and enhances quality of life in our community.  

Within the cooperative’s market area, it runs and supports cultural, social, environmental and mass sports activities. Migros Zurich seeks to reflect the cultural diversity of the various regions and population groups across the cooperative’s area. As well as providing financial support, it runs activities in its own right.

Projects and partnerships – a selection

Elefanten im Zoo Zürich

Zurich Zoo

Migros Cooperative Zurich has been a partner of Zurich Zoo for many years. Concessionary prices are regularly available to cooperative members.

Schauspielhausfassade Pfauen

© Andreas Graber

Schauspielhaus Zürich

The Culture Percentage of Migros Zurich has been a partner of the theatre since 1953. Theatre Monday enables people to attend performances on Mondays for half price.

Herbststimmung mit Blick auf einen Teich

Park Seleger Moor

Migros Zurich is patron of this marvellous nature paradise in Rifferswil.

Rennende Kinder am Zürihegel

De schnällscht Zürihegel

«De schnällscht Zürihegel» is a running competition for children from schools in the city of Zurich. Over 4,000 girls and boys compete each year, running mostly barefoot on grass.

Kinder beim Sprung ins Schwimmbecken

De schnällscht Zürifisch

Children from schools in the city of Zurich compete in the 50-metre freestyle swimming competition.

Kinder beim Ernten im Garten

© Bioterra / Katharina Nüesch


Children pick up life skills in how to sow, cultivate and harvest vegetables and herbs in the garden in Bühl.

Musiker*innen auf einer beleuchteten Bühne

© Patric Bührer, Armin Pfister

H2U Openair Uster

The open-air concert for all ages right in the heart of Uster has something for every music fan, with a line-up ranging from stars and newcomers to children’s concerts.


Ausschnitt eines Künstlers mit Saxophon

Financial support for your project

Music, sport, the environment, social ventures – with our broad interpretation of «culture», a wide range of projects and events can apply for financial support from the Migros Culture Percentage.


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