Rozi Plain et Annuk Schmelcher

Photo: Yoshino Shigihara

Foto: Yoshino Shigihara

Over the course of five albums, Rozi Plain’s hypnotic, gently askew songs have steadily sauntered their way from her birthplace of Winchester, reverberated through the bustling Bristol DIY scene, to where they now emanate from London’s creative epicentre. Acquiring a worldliness that’s reflected in her travels as a touring musician, each consecutive release has broached new sonic territory, whilst retaining a home-grown intimacy and a familial warmth of spirit. On Prize, her fifth long-player, released on Memphis Industries earlier this year, Rozi’s unique, heart- felt approach continues to prevail, marking her as one of our most innovative and engaging musicians. Rozi's passion for live performance keeps her almost constantly on tour. She has played at SXSW, Glastonbury, supported Paramore on their stadium tour in UK & Ireland and played numerous headline tours in UK and Europe.

Anuk Schmelcher (*1999) is a Zurich-based musician who plays the drums, keyboard and sings. Her debut EP “Can You Hear The River” was released on Humus Records in 2022. Anuk composes, writes, plays, sings and produces her music herself, creating her very own musical universe. Her songs always seek a balance between rawness and finely crafted perfection and feel unmediated, atmospheric and warm. She is part of the dialect krautpop trio Obliecht as their drummer and multi-instrumentalist. They released their debut EP in 2023 and have since played numerous shows, including the Winterthur Music Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Echolot Festival and Alpentöne Festival. She also performs in the Haubi Universe project (Haubi Songs) run by Lucerne-based musician Nick Furrer and plays the harmonium with author Dominic Oppliger. Anuk studied Sound Arts at HKB Bern (BA 2023) and is currently working on new songs, which she will soon bring to the stage after a lengthy period of absence.


I will be working with the British musician Rozi Plain over the coming months as part of the dual mentorship. For my next album, I no longer want to do everything on my own. Instead, I would prefer to get involved in collaborations within my solo project for the first time. This process of opening up to things goes hand in hand with lots of questions, considerations and unknowns. My close dialogue with Rozi enables me to take a more conscious approach to understanding and shaping a wide range of processes during the upcoming production of my album and lets me incorporate the knowledge she has embodied over the years into my work. Plus, I always know that I can reach out to someone who deeply inspires me, both as a musician and person. Due to the geographical distance between us, we will start with regular Zoom meetings, discuss upcoming steps and then work on the songs together in the same room at a later date. We’re always asking ourselves how the music can ultimately be carried across into a band context.