Polaris: a platform for reliable news

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Every day, we’re inundated with information, podcasts, posts, and videos. An increasing number of people feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to recognise reliable sources of information. The result is growing mistrust of the media and journalism. What we need are solutions that help people deal with the flood of information confidently. 

Reliable journalism on a platform

This is the very point of departure of Polaris: With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund and the Mercator Switzerland Foundation, the project's aim is to create a platform for reliable journalistic content in Switzerland. The non-commercial digital platform is intended to be freely accessible to the Swiss population and checked by users. In this way, the credibility of journalistic content is guaranteed. 

Boosting trust through transparency

During the first project year, Polaris will be developing a prototype: To do so, the needs of users and media professionals will be identified and actively incorporated into the development process. The aim is to find out how to build a technically curated platform that is useful for everybody involved. The main focus will always be on transparency with regard to data and filters, as well as on a constant exchange with users and media companies. This is how broad support for and trust in the platform will be built from the start.

Polaris aims to offer the Swiss population a space where it can find simple and fairly-priced access to journalistic content. At the same time, Polaris aims to attract new target groups and create sources of income for journalism.

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