STARTRAMPE: Promoting local bands from the region

Band auf der Bühne singt für die Konzertbesucher*innen

With its STARTRAMPE project, Migros Culture Percentage has been supporting bands in eastern Switzerland since 2013.The focus of the work in promoting music is to create and sustain performance opportunities.  It therefore supports festivals and venues in eastern Switzerland with taking on local bands. In addition, it creates an incentive to include more bands from the region in the program.


Blick von der Bühne aus auf Konzertbesucher*innen, die auf der Piazza stehen

View from the stage of concert-goers standing on the Piazza.

Startrampe aufgestellt inmitten des Publikums

STARTRAMPE set up among the audience

Impression eines STARTRAMPE-Konzerts bei Abendstimmung

Impression of a STARTRAMPE concert with an evening ambiance.

Logo STARTRAMPE Kulturprozent


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