IntegrART: A networked project supporting inclusive stage art

People dancing on the IntegrART stage

Displaying true pioneering spirit, artists with and without disabilities are remodelling customary forms of expression. In this way they are expanding the spectrum of possibilities both for artists and their audiences. Society's utopian dream of genuine inclusion becomes reality on the stage.

An artist concentrates on what she is about to do on stage

An artist concentrates on what she is about to do on stage

The boards that can mean the world

Every two years, IntegrART networks together inclusive festivals and participating theatres from every region of Switzerland. In partnership with them, IntegrART presents national and international dance and theatrical productions, and hosts discursive platforms. 

With this biennale, Migros Cultural Percent is championing the autonomous integration of people with disabilities into the arts and culture - which is a fundamental prerequisite for representation and social justice.

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