Culture Office: Support for creative artists

Sitzplatz draussen mit Tisch und Stühlen vor dem Kulturbüro Bern

The first Culture Office opened on Helvetiaplatz in Zurich in 1998. The basic concept has remained the same to this day: no-fuss support for creative artists through the provision of useful and affordable services to assist the creation and copying of artworks. In addition, modern equipment for use in theatre, audio, video and graphics work is available to hire.

Bürointerieur mit Menschen im Kulturbüro Zürich

Office interior with people in the Culture Office Zurich

Together we're strong

The Culture Office is a concept courtesy of Migros Culture Percentage. Some of the Culture Offices are managed by Migros Culture Percentage; others have their own structure and backing. The Culture Offices work closely together and have built up a strong network that has proven itself over many years.


Büro mit Tisch im Kulturbüro St. Gallen

Office with table in the Culture Office St. Gallen

Büro mit Sitzgelegenheit und Wandtafel im Kulturbüro Zürich

Office with seating and wall-mounted board at the Culture Office Zurich

Büroeingang des Kulturbüros St. Gallen

Office entrance at the Culture Office St. Gallen

Büro mit Theke und Sofa im Kulturbüro St. Gallen

Office with counter and sofa in the Culture Office St. Gallen

Impression aus dem Kulturbüro Bern

Impression of the Culture Office Bern

Bürointerieur im Kulturbüro Bern

Office interior in the Culture Office Bern

Regional focus

There are Culture Offices in the cities of Basel, Bern, Geneva, St. Gallen and Zurich. The Culture Offices vary in size, equipment carried and services offered. What they all have in common, however, is their overarching goal of providing simple, direct support for art and artists.

Logo Kulturbüro

Culture Office

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