The Migros Cultural Grand Prix

Duo Frédéric Moser und Philippe Schwinger

The Migros Cultural Grand Prix is another exclusive feature of the Neuchâtel-Fribourg Cooperative.

Set up on 6 October 2005 by the Administrative Council and the cooperative’s board of management, it aims to facilitate the creation and/or full execution of one or more artistic works in the following fields.

Promoting culture

  • Performing arts (theatre, dance, etc.) 
  • Visual arts (video, cinema) 
  • Visual arts (sculpture, painting, etc.) 
  • Literature 
  • Music

Solid support

Each year, the jury - which is made up of five arts and culture experts from outside the cooperative, the cooperative’s director, the Head of the Culture Division and the Head of the Culture Department - meets to deliberate on and announce the winner.  The winner is awarded a prize of CHF 50,000 to bring his or her work to fruition.

The 2022 edition will not take place due to changes in the regulations anticipated to come into effect from 2023.

Culture Grand Prix winners

Michel Simonet mit einer Rose

Migros Grand Prix 2020 – Literature – Michel Simonet

Claude Piguet und Annelore Schneider

Migros Grand Prix 2019 – Graphic arts – Collectif_fact

Porträt Emilie Blaser

Migros Grand Prix 2018 – Performing arts – Emilie Blaser

Porträt Marjolaine Minot

Migros Grand Prix 2018 – Performing arts – Marjolaine Minot

Schriftstellerin Mélanie Richoz

Migros Grand Prix 2016 – Literature – Mélanie Richoz

Duo Frédéric Moser und Philippe Schwinger

Migros Grand Prix 2015 – Visual arts – Frédéric Moser and Philippe Schwinger

Grand Prix Culturel Migros 2014 - Madeleine Jaccard

Migros Cultural Grand Prix 2014 – Madeleine Jaccard

Grand Prix Culturel Migros 2012 - Marquis de Saxe

Migros Cultural Grand Prix 2012 – Marquis de Saxe

Grand Prix Migros 2021 – Bildende Kunst – Orane Burri

Grand Prix Migros 2021 – Visual arts – Orane Burri

Photo/stage: Grand Prix Migros