Nai Qala Association - A roof for schoolchildren in Marghi

Lehrer mit Kindern im Freien - Nai Qala

High quality education for girls in Marghi

In the peaceful region of Dahan-e Marghi, in Afghanistan, the girls’ school has no building. Classes take place in the open air, weather permitting. As a result of these learning conditions, teachers struggle to complete the curriculum and the dropout rate is high.

Rohbau des Schulhauses – Nai Qala

School building under construction - Nai Qala

The purpose of the Nai Qala association is to construct a school building in Marghi. It will accommodate 650 students, aged 6 to 20, from 17 villages in this rural area of the country. The project will also support the local economy as it will mobilise local businesses and raw materials. More generally, good quality education will benefit the community of 7,000 inhabitants.

Overview of the Nai Qala association

Nai Qala was established in Switzerland in 2007. Its operations focus on Afghanistan. Its social commitment meets the educational needs of remote areas. Thanks to its solid experience and the determination of its beneficiaries, it has already opened ten schools since its foundation. 

Through education and health care, Nai Qala's goal is to ensure that local people can exercise their human rights to dignity, self-confidence and justice, and to instil a sense of initiative, especially among women.


Schüler*innen stehend beim Unterreicht im Freien – Nai Qala

Students standing in an outdoor class - Nai Qala

Konstruktion des Schulhauses – Nai Qala

Construction of the school building - Nai Qala

Schullektion im Freien mit freistehender Tafel – Nai Qala

Outdoor lessons with flip chart - Nai Qala

Spatenstich des Schulhauses – Nai Qala

Digging the ground to build the school building - Nai Qala