Migros Club School – together we inspire people!

Aussenansicht der Klubschule Migros in Altstetten

Migros Club School is the leading institution in the field of education and recreation in Switzerland. Every year, over 200'000 people benefit from its wide-ranging, inspiring offering in the areas of languages, health and creativity for private individuals and companies/institutions. The Club School systematically tailors its programme to the needs of its customers and makes it available ensures that it is available whenever and wherever required.

Lachende Frau mit Unterlagen in der Hand

Education for all: Migros Club School

Training that inspires

«Welcome to the club» is motto at Switzerland's most popular educational and recreational institution. The Club School is a meeting point where people can get involved in meaningful recreational activities, discover new worlds and strengthen their bodies and minds. It offers a wide, attractive range of learning options to aid personal and professional development. 

Further education offered throughout Switzerland

Education for all - this has been the guiding principle for Migros Club School for more than 75 years. From the very beginning, enabling access to further education to as many sections of the population as possible was an intrinsic part of Migros' social and cultural engagement. And people seeking to learn more were able to benefit from a wide range of subjects and courses throughout Switzerland thanks to the support of Migros Culture Percentage.


Frau am Tisch mit einer Gruppe in der Klubschule Migros

Learning together is easier

Frau auf einem Steg mit Laptop

Independent learning: online courses with the Migros Club School

Sitzende Frau auf einer Treppe mit Laptop

Get smarter at home

Empfang der Klubschule Migros in Altstetten

Reception at the Migros Club School in Altstetten

Logo Klubschule Migros

Migros Club School

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