Signal de Bougy: A corner of paradise

Kleiner Zug im Kid’zland

The Signal de Bougy park has been lifting people's spirits for fifty years.

Signal de Bougy is a magnificent, 110-hectare leisure park in an outstanding setting with a view of the Alps. It is also a place to meet friends and socialise in a safe environment that brings every generation together to enjoy nature and pursue leisure activities.

Fondation Pré vert at Signal de Bougy

Established in 1970, the Fondation Pré vert at Signal de Bougy is supported by the Migros Culture Percentage. Its mission is to maintain and develop the park, and to ensure that it remains accessible to the public. Whether they are children and families coming to have fun together or businesses looking for opportunities to relax and converse, the Signal de Bougy holds a special place in people's hearts.


Spielende Kinder auf Booten

Children having fun on dinghies

Kinder beim Kartfahren

Children driving go-karts

Kind auf einer Rutsche

Child riding a toboggan

Holzbauten auf Sand

Wooden structures on the sand

Kinder laufen durch den Park

Children running in the park

Park mit Bergblick

Park with its view of the mountains

Familie, die Minigolf spielt

Family playing mini-golf

Familie bei einem Ballspiel

Family playing football

Kinder in einem Hochseilgarten zwischen Bäumen

Children on walkways high in the trees

Kind, das auf einen Baum klettert

Child climbing a tree

Zwei Ziegen auf Holzstämmen

Two goats standing on some tree stumps

Zwei Schildkröten, die Salat fressen

Two tortoises eating lettuce

Skulpturen der Künstlerin Malbine

Sculptures by the artist Malbine

Skulptur mit Mutter und Kind

Sculpture of a mother with her child

Esstisch mit Blick auf den Mont Blanc

Picnic table with a view of Mont Blanc

Teller mit Pizza, Steak, Pommes frites und Backfisch

Dishes of pizza, steak and fries

Familie im Restaurant

Family eating at the restaurant

Terrasse mit Blumen

Flower-decked terrace


Self-service restaurant

Luftaufnahme des Parks mit Bergen

Aerial view of the park showing the mountains



Besprechungsraum mitten in der Natur

Meeting room surrounded by nature

Logo Signal de Bougy 50 Jahre

Signal de Bougy

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