Jass for All Ages: a game for everyone

Jasskarten und Jassteppich beim Generationen-Jass

Everyone in Switzerland – whether at school, in the ski hut, around the dinner table, at sports clubs, in pubs or in seniors groups – is crazy about Jass. Playing Jass connects generations.

This coming-together is becoming increasingly important as Switzerland’s population gets older. Coming into contact with other generations can promote mutual understanding and overcome prejudices.

Mädchen und ältere Frau beim Generationen-Jass

Girl and older woman playing Jass for All Ages

Pairs with an age difference

In all-age Jass tournaments, pairs of players with an age gap of at least 15 years compete against each other by using team tactics.

The tournaments are an ideal opportunity for children and teenagers to spend some fun time playing Jass with their dad, grandma, godfather or neighbour. All participants receive a gift as a memento of the event.


Junge beim Generationen-Jass

Boy playing Jass for All Ages

Älterer Mann beim Generationen-Jass

Older man playing Jass for All Ages

Logo Generationen-Jass

Jass for All Ages

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