Generationenakademie: supporting social cohesion

Frauen und Männer im Workshop der Generationenakademie

The Generationenakademie (Generation Academy) served as a network for intergenerational projects from 2010 to the end of 2020, when the project came to a close. The concept was launched by Migros Culture Percentage with the aim of encouraging people from different generations to meet each other, thereby reinforcing social cohesion.

This is what the Generationenakademie made possible

The Generationenakademie (Generation Academy) organised workshops for volunteers, experts and municipalities, networked stakeholders and offered support with initiating and implementing intergenerational projects. At public events, it shone a spotlight on major and significant intergenerational questions and encouraged societal discourse.

The team provided regular reports on their experiences in Blickwinkel (in German):

Blickwinkel 2017 (PDF)

Blickwinkel 2018 (PDF)

Blickwinkel 2019 (PDF)

Blickwinkel 2020 (PDF)


Jüngerer Mann und ältere Frau nehmen an einem Workshop teil

A younger man and an older lady taking part in a workshop

Seniorenpaar mit junger Frau im World-Café

An elderly couple with a young woman at the World Café

Logo Generationenakademie

Knowledge remains available

The worksheets and resources from the project will remain available going forward, courtesy of Intergeneration.ch (in German).