Living history at the storytelling café network

Eine Gruppe unterhält sich an einem runden Tisch

An Erzählcafé, or storytelling café, is a moderated group conversation on a particular topic where participants talk about their life stories and experiences, thus strengthening social cohesion. The Swiss storytelling café network is a platform where participants, moderators and event organisers can come together. The platform is aimed at people who appreciate the power of storytelling. It promotes in-depth conversations beyond the boundaries of culture, country and age.

Since 2015 the storytelling café network has been creating and organising carefully moderated storytelling sessions throughout Switzerland.


Gruppe sitzt an Tisch und unterhält sich im Erzählcafé
Junger Mann beim Erzählen
Gruppe von Personen tauschen sich im Erzählcafé aus
Junge Frau beim Erzählen
Logo Netzwerk Erzählcafé

Storytelling café network

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