Nordesta: Forestry meets farming

Vogelperspektive einer Baumschule in einem grünen Tal

The aim of the project «Agroforestry for 50 families in the municipality of Quebrangulo, Alagoas, Brazil» is to improve the standard of living of the rural population appreciably. A new generation of men and women farmers is emerging thanks to agroforestry. They are no longer concerned with deforestation and the exploitation of natural resources, but with the sensible farming of an ecosystem in harmony with nature. This leads to healthier soil and better yields in the long term.

Frau hält geerntete Maniok in Händen

Woman holding harvested cassava

The beneficiaries are there on-site

Some 500 people benefit directly from the agroforestry project. Each of the 50 families participating in the scheme has on average 10 members: parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, nephews and nieces. Those around them also derive benefit from the project: the villagers can buy the fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the project at the local market. Furthermore, the microclimate has become healthier; and there is greater social stability.

About Nordesta

The Nordesta Reforestation & Education organisation is totally dedicated to the protection of the rainforest and to educating people in Brazil.  

Since it was founded in 1985, Nordesta has overseen more than 170 projects. The organisation sets great store by sustained development and close collaboration with local partner organisations.


Männer tragen Kisten mit Pflanzen

Men carrying crates of plants

Männer bereiten mit Spaten eine Bewässerung vor

Men digging an irrigation channel

Männer mit Spaten arbeiten an einem Fluss

Men digging, working on a river

Männer tragen Schläuche in ein Tal

Men carrying pipes into a valley

Mann mit Schubkarre beim Bepflanzen

Man with a wheelbarrow, planting

Bauer hält geerntete Süsskartoffeln in Händen

Farmer holding harvested sweet potatoes