Bourgeoisie de St-Gingolph: Valais, chestnut groves

Männer bepflanzen Kastanienbäume

Highlighting the cultivation of Swiss chestnuts

The Valais project to upgrade the landscape and environment of St-Gingolph’s chestnut heritage has several objectives:

  • To revitalise 21 hectares of historic chestnut groves, developing the local chestnut tree sites once threatened by disease (Castanea sativa) and planting 2000 young plants;
  • To preserve 65 endemic chestnut varieties, promoting plant biodiversity;
  • To highlight the Swiss landscape, supporting the development of local know-how, in particular by rehabilitating the boichons: circular stone structures intended to preserve chestnuts;
  • To raise awareness about chestnut cultivation, creating an educational programme and producing a specialised publication.
Kastanienbäume vor Bergkulisse mit Nebelschleier

Chestnut trees in front of a misty mountain landscape

The project meets several criteria defined at the Rio de Janeiro Summit held in 1992:

  • Environmental dimension through the preservation of biodiversity
  • Landscape dimension through the development of a traditional landscape
  • Local dimension through the promotion of Swiss know-how

Presentation of the Bourgeoisie de St-Gingolph association

A member of the Federation of Valais Bourgeoisies, the association is a centuries-old institution which pursues the following objectives to serve the municipality:

  • Asset management
  • Heritage preservation
  • Management of buildings, forests and mountain pastures
  • Promotion of local biodiversity


Männer setzen Kastanienpflanze

People planting chestnut seedlings

Frau und Mädchen sitzen bei einer kleinen Kastanienpflanze

A woman and a little girl sitting by some chestnut plants

Geissen stehen bei Kastanienbaum

Goats near a chestnut tree


Chestnut trees

Hang mit Kastanienbäume

Chestnut trees on a slope

Hang mit Kastanienbäume und See

Chestnut trees on a slope overlooking the lake

Kastanienbäume im Abendlicht

Chestnut trees in the evening light

Kastanienbäume und im Hintergrund See und Berge

Chestnut trees with the lake and mountains in the background

Kastanienbäume und Berge im Hintergrund

Chestnut trees with the mountains in the background

Kastanienbäume vor See- und Bergkulisse

Chestnut trees in front of the lake and a mountain landscape

Kastanienhang vor Bergkulisse

Chestnut trees on a slope in front of a mountain landscape

Kinder stehen mit Aufseher vor einem Kastanienbaum

Children with their supervisor in front of a chestnut tree

Kinder stehen bei den Kastanienbäume

Children near chestnut trees

Gruppe von Kindern wird über Kastanienbäume instruiert

Groups of children learning about chestnut trees

Männer bei Setzen einer Jungpflanze

People planting a young chestnut seedling

Männer setzen Kastanienpflanze

Men planting chestnut seedlings

See mit Kastanienbäume und Berge

Lake with chestnut trees and mountain

Zwei Geissen am Hang vor Kastanienbaum

Two goats on a slope with chestnut trees