Ventures in the area of nature and the environment

Eine Frau trennt die Kariténüsse von den Schalen

Funding for regional and NGO projects in the field of international development

The Migros Culture Percentage and Migros Aid Fund make financial contributions towards projects that benefit nature and the environment. The focus is on regional projects, but also on projects run by NGOs in development cooperation.

Which form of funding is the right fit for your venture?


You have 2 options

Sponsorship is available at 2 levels: regional and international (for NGOs). To get started, pick the most suitable option for your project.

1. My project is regional or local in scope

Is your venture regional or local in scope? Regional funding by the Migros Culture Percentage is the responsibility of the ten Migros cooperatives, with each cooperative setting different priorities. Locate the Migros cooperative for your area and find out whether and how it might support your project.

2. For NGOs in development cooperation

Are you a non-profit organisation as defined in your articles of association, working in international development cooperation, domiciled in Switzerland and with several years of experience? And does your organisation have an annual turnover of at least 300,000 francs? Every year, the Migros Aid Fund enables around 20 projects that benefit humans and nature and adopt a professional, sustainable approach.

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