Financial contribution for projects and initiatives

Are you implementing a project or initiative that strengthens social cohesion?
For example:

  • People experience greater cohesion and involvement in their social environment. 
  • People meet and get into conversation with each other.
  • People are committed to important social issues.

Then you can apply for funding from Migros Culture Percentage. We support projects with CHF 2,000 to CHF 10,000 for implementation.

This is important:

  • We support projects and initiatives throughout Switzerland. This can be local (e.g. an initiative in your city /community), regional (e.g. a project in your canton) or national (e.g. a project for the whole of Switzerland).
  • The target group should be actively involved in your project and have the opportunity to express their needs when you plan and implement the project. 

Please note:

  • Your organisation must be based in Switzerland. The organisation must not be abroad.

  • Your organisation has a valid legal form, i.e. your organisation is an association, a charitable foundation or a cooperative.

  • You carry out your project in Switzerland.

  • You send us your application at least three months before you start the project.

  • We only financially support projects if other bodies also support your project (financially, donations in kind, other resources). 

What else is important? You can learn more in the guidelines (plain language).

What we don’t support:

Funding of individuals

Profit-driven projects or organisations

Completed projects

Projects or organisations abroad

Projects or organisations that serve to convey ideological, undemocratic or unethical goals

Projects that only pursue an institution’s internal goals and have no social relevance

General operating costs

Physical health

Medical services, research or congresses 

Sport and leisure

Formal education (including school camps)

Work integration

Non-monetary donations


Charity events

Fundraising campaigns

Structural measures or infrastructure

Production cost funding for publications, audio, films or apps for which no diffusion concept exists


Technical design of IT projects

Financing of projects via third parties

Questions and answers


General questions

We support projects and initiatives in Switzerland. They can be local, regional or national projects. The projects are about social cohesion: people can meet up and talk to each other. People can make a contribution to society. 

You can submit an application. To do this, register on our application portal and fill out the form. Click here to go to the online application portal.

No. We do not support individuals. We only support organisations.

Your organisation is an association, a charitable foundation or a cooperative.

Yes, but your association’s statutes must state that your association is a non-profit organisation.

We support the selected projects or initiatives with an amount between CHF 2,000 and CHF 10,000.

Yes, if we give you money, you must use our logo on your publications and state that Migros Culture Percentage is supporting your project. You can find the guidelines here (or in plain language).

Ms Susi Sennhauser is happy to help. E-mail: susi.sennhauser@mgb.ch

A commission decides which projects receive financial support. This commission consists of the “Social affairs team”. The team adheres to the “Social guidelines”. It states which points your project must fulfil.

Questions about applying

No. You can submit your application whenever you like. The commission will review your application at the next meeting. The meetings take place every two months

You must submit your application at least three months before you start the project.

No. You may submit a maximum of one application per year in the “Society” category. However, we also offer the Coaching and Projekt(t)raum category. You can also submit an application or registration for these in the same year.

Yes, you should. We will only support your project if other bodies also support your project. This includes, for example, other foundations that support your project financially. Or someone provides you with materials or a space. Have the foundations not yet promised to give you money? That’s not a problem. What’s important is that you have asked the foundations.

Questions about the decision

The commission, consisting of the Social affairs team, decides which projects receive financial support. The members have broad expertise in the planning and implementation of social projects. 

The commission meets six times a year. You will therefore receive a response within two to three months of submitting your application. The commission will inform you via e-mail.

You will be notified immediately via e-mail when the commission has made its decision. 

If the commission decides to support your project, you will receive a positive response and the money will be paid out soon afterwards.

For any questions, please contact Susi Sennhauser: susi.sennhauser@mgb.ch, tel. 058 570 30 04 (Monday, Thursday and Friday).

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